Friday, January 9, 2009

Fantasy Indycar League

Hey everybody I have been thinking about something lately, there are not many Fantasy Indycar Leagues. That is appalling to me as Indycar fans are some of the most opinionated in all of sports. So I decided that I will try to form one. It will probably be "governed" by UOWWB so to not add bias to myself. But to form this league I need help; you. I am hoping to have at least 5 teams to start the season. The rules are simple, each week you send me your picks from the A, B, and C driver categories. These categories will be determined by last seasons points. The trick is you will only be allowed to use each driver 4 (or maybe 5) times per season. What I hope to accomplish in this is a simple, straightforward, east to use Indycar Fantasy league. If you are interested I plead that you will E-Mail me at or add a comment. Thanks

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